Change is occurring across global food markets due to increased population and competition for resources, land and water.  Many of these issues are complex and require long-term commitment on behalf of the business and our partners to deliver change and to ensure progress.

To meet the challenges of the future, we take pro-active responsibility for our environmental and social impacts that span the entire supply chain including fruit sourcing, packing, chilled storage and logistics.

Socially Responsible Business

Strong, healthy and fair supplier relationships are a key focus for MMUK, and as such we work with growers that are open and transparent about their activities and show a commitment and willingness to raise standards.

Our suppliers’ performance is assessed by their customers using a variety of means, such as Field to Fork, Nature’s Choice, GlobalGAP, SA8000 and Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA).

At MMUK we expect all our growers to register with SEDEX and observe and abide by the Ethical Base Code’s provisions, as well as applicable international and national laws. Our growers’ ethical compliance and performance is closely monitored by our in-house teams, through direct engagement and through the use of independent third party auditors.


In fruit production, environmental concerns are high on the agenda. MMUK operates on reducing the use of natural resources and, in association with growers, on increasing the performance of agricultural inputs to minimise impact on the environment, which is consistent with the production of high quality products. 

Our retail customers share these aspirations and have helped to drive through the necessary changes by introducing supplier protocols. MMUK welcomes these initiatives and sees them as integral to the way we do business.