Naturally sweet, convenient and healthy

We source grapes from all key source countries, working with our specially selected grower partners. We work only with growers that meet our high quality standards and share our passion for innovation.



Our Grape Vision

By identifying, supporting and working with the best growers and breeders globally, enables us to procure and develop the finest table grapes for major UK retailers.

  • We pride ourselves on investing for the future
  • Creation of 'Growers Clubs' providing the best access to new varieties
  • Looking for innovative new varieties brought to the market faster for the benefit of the industry and customer
  • We work closely with our growers to ensure the best possible product is available to our customers
  • Complete support for our growers in terms of supply chain and access to customers


MMUK is in partnership with an international group of highly specialised companies dealing with citrus and grape breeding, varietal development and the management of protected cultivars at a worldwide level.

Special New Fruit Licensing Ltd (SNFL) was set up to support breeders over the long-term, and to work with them to develop exciting new varieties that appeal to both consumers and commercial growers whilst ensuring sustainability throughout the supply chain.